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Wireless Power Receiver
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CPS4019 The CPS4019 is a highly efficient, Qi-compliant, single-chip Wireless Power Receiver IC. It supports up to 5W applications in the Receiver (Rx) Mode. The device receives AC power from a Wireless Power Transmitter (Tx) and converts it into a rectified output voltage. As a Rx, it integrates a synchronous rectifier and a low drop-out regulator to provide power to system load or battery. Modulation and control circuits are used for bi-directional in-band communication to the Tx. Wireless Charging > Wireless Power Receiver
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CPS2021 CPS2021 is a single-cell 7A high efficiency dualphase switched capacitor charger. It integrated fast charging protocol (SCP PHY) and Universal Fast Charging Specification for Mobile Devices (UFCS PHY). It supports up to 12V input voltage, and operates in following 2 modes: Forward 2:1 (up to 7A IOUT),Forward 1:1 (bypass, up to 5A IOUT). The switched capacitor architecture optimized for 50% duty cycle. The input Voltage is 2x of battery voltage and the output current is 2x of VBUS input current, which effectively reduces power loss across the input cable. Charger & BMS > Switched Capacitor Charger
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CPS5801 CPS5801 is a dedicated single cell Li-ion battery protection IC which integrates a charge pump and a pair of MOSFET drivers for high-side charge and discharge FETs control. It monitors the cell voltage and performs Over-Voltage (OV), Under-Voltage (UV) protections. It also performs Charge-Over-Current (COC), Discharge-Over-Current (DOC) and ShortCircuit (SC) protections by sensing the voltage drop of a high-side current sense resistor. When OV or COC occurs, CPS5801 forces the charge FET off to disable the charging to the battery; when UV, DOC or SC occurs, CPS5801 forces the discharge FET off to disable the discharging from the battery. Charger & BMS > High-side Protector