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USB-C Port Protection
Part Number Description Related Products
CPS5007 The CPS5007 is an advanced 5A unidirectional power switch for USB-C PD. It includes under voltage lockout, over voltage lockout, reverse current protection and over-temperature protection circuits. It is designed to automatically isolate the power switch terminals when a fault condition occurs. Both VBUS and VINT pins have 30V DC voltage tolerance. It has wide input voltage range of 2.55V to 23V. Load Switch > Load Switch
CPS5505 CPS5505 integrate high voltage MOSFET, fast over voltage comparator, high voltage ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) ect. It can prevent USB device damage in some extremely scene such as VBUS short to CC or SBU accidentally. Load Switch > Load Switch
CPS5016 The CPS5016 is a Type-C PD load switch with programmable precision current limit with ± 180V surge voltage protection. The device includes under voltage lockout, output over voltage protection, reverse current protection, over current protection, over temperature protection and short circuit protection. Load Switch > Load Switch