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CPS5801 is a dedicated single cell Li-ion battery protection IC which integrates a charge pump and a pair of MOSFET drivers for high-side charge and discharge FETs control. It monitors the cell voltage and performs Over-Voltage (OV), Under-Voltage (UV) protections. It also performs Charge-Over-Current (COC), Discharge-Over-Current (DOC) and ShortCircuit (SC) protections by sensing the voltage drop of a high-side current sense resistor. When OV or COC occurs, CPS5801 forces the charge FET off to disable the charging to the battery; when UV, DOC or SC occurs, CPS5801 forces the discharge FET off to disable the discharging from the battery.

Key Spec. & Features
Key Spec.
Part Number CPS5801
Cell Number 1
Protectior MOSFETs Position High-side
Supported Protections OV 4.2V - 4.7V 5mV/step
UV 2.05V - 3.3V 25mV/step
COC -99mV - -4mV 1mV/step
DOC 4mV - 99mV 1mV/step
SC 20mV, 30mV, 40mV, 60mV, 90mV, 120mV, 160mV, 200mV
OV Charge Disable
Package WLCSP-8

Supports following protections with selectable thresholds and delay times (set by EFUSE bits):

Over-Voltage (OV) : - 4.2V ~ 4.7V setting range; 5mV/step; ±10mV error (25°C); 0 ~ 350mV hysteresis range

Under-Voltage (UV): 2.05V ~ 3.3V setting range; 25mV/step; ±40mV error (25°C); 0 ~ 700mV hysteresis range

Charge-Over-Current (COC) (Optional): -99mV ~ -4mV setting range; 1mV/step

Discharge-Over-Current (DOC):- 4mV ~ 99mV setting range; 1mV/step

Short-Circuit (SC): - 20mV, 30mV, 40mV, 60mV, 90mV, 120mV, 160mV,

200mV setting options

Integrates a charge pump and a pair of high-side MOSFET drivers for charge and discharge control with N-Channel MOSFETs

Uses high-side sense resistor for current detection

Supports charge prohibition for 0V battery

Support FET disable mode

2 power modes to optimize current consumption

Active mode: < 8µA@Typical

Standby mode: < 0.1uA@Typical

Package: WLCSP-8 (1.665mm × 1.065mm)