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MP3 and MP4 players

Cellphones, radiophones, digital cameras

Bluetooth, wireless handsets

Other portable electronic devices

The CPS5051 series are high accuracy, low noise, high speed, high PSRR, low dropout CMOS Linear regulators with high ripple rejection. The devices offer a new level of cost effective performance in cellular

phones, laptops, notebook computers, and other portable devices.

Key Spec. & Features
Key Spec.
Part Number CPS5051
Vin Range 1.9~5.5V
Vout Range 1.2~4.3V
Max Iout 300mA
IQ 58μA
PSRR at 1kHZ 74 dB
Key Features Thermal overload and short-circuit protection
Package DFN-4

Input voltage range: 1.9V~5.5V

Output voltage range: 1.2V~3.3V

Output current: 300mA

Quiescent current: typical 58μA

Shut-down current: < 1μA

Dropout voltage: 149mV at IOUT = 0.3A

PSRR: 74dB at 1kHz, VOUT = 2.8V

Low output voltage noise: 15×VOUT μVRMS

VOUT accuracy: ±1.5% at VOUT > 2.0V

Recommend output capacitor: 1μF

Thermal overload and short-circuit protection