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The CPS4047 is a highly efficient, Qi-compliant, single-chip Wireless Power Receiver/Transmitter IC. It supports up-to 40W applications at Receiver (Rx) Mode and up-to 10W at Transmitter (Tx) Mode, which is particularly suitable for cell phone and portable device applications.

Key Spec. & Features
Key Spec.
Part Number CPS4047
Rx Mode Output Power (W) 40
Vout Max (V) 24
lout Max (A) 2.5
Current Sensing Internal
Tx Mode Max Power (W) 10
Digital Core 32-bit
Memory 24k MTP/ 8k SRAM
Package WLCSP-72

WPC 1.2.4 compliant Wireless Power Receiver

Support up to 40W at Receiver Mode and 10W at Transmitter Mode

Ultra-low dropout linear (LDO) regulator with programmable output voltage with 10mV step

Embedded core and on-chip SRAM, MTP ROM to maximize the system design flexibility

Fully synchronous rectifier with low RDS(ON)

Dedicated remote temperature sensing

Abundant GPIO pins and Open-Drain buffers

Support I2C interface for system configuration and user programmability

Support low power mode applications

Comprehensive protections

12-bit ADC for comprehensive input and output power monitoring

Rectifier Over Voltage Protection (OVP)

LDO Over Current Protection (OCP)

Over Temperature Protection (OTP)

Available in WLCSP-72 package RoHS,Halogen-Free and Lead-Free Compliant