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1 Cell Li-on Application

The CPS5201 is a highly integrated single-chip PMIC include an OVP, a switching charger and boost circuitry. Its input has 30V tolerance to enhance the input voltage robust likes VBUS plug-in. The switching charger can support maximum 1A charging current to decrease the charge time. The boost can support 5V/0.5A output.

Key Spec. & Features
Key Spec.
Part Number CPS5201
Vin Range 4.4~5.5V
Abs. Max Vin 30V
Wireless Rx N/A
Battery Cell 1
Max Charge Current 1.1A
Topology Buck
Safety Timer
Package QFN-16

Fully integrated with OVP, switching charger and boost

Ultra low standby current 2.5uA, 5V low IQ 4uA

Charge current up to 1A

Boost maximum capability: 5V/0.5A

Boost efficiency 95%@100mA, VBAT=3.8V, VSYS=5V

JEITA Compatible Charger

Dual Boost Output Ports

Low RDS(on) FET

Minimum Extra Component requirement

Auto Load Detect

Bi-Direction Communication

Shipping Mode

Bus Over voltage/current protection

Battery Over voltage protection

NTC Function

Thermal shutdown

Available in QFN-16 3mmx3mm