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1 Cell Li-on Application

Wireless & VBUS Charging

The CPS5211 is a highly integrated single-chip PMIC for VBUS and wireless receiver, switching charger plus boost circuitry. CPS5211 will auto judge the input source to select VBUS or wireless charging. Its input has 15V tolerance to enhance the input voltage robust likes VBUS plug-in. The switching charger can support maximum 1A charging current to decrease the charge time. The boost can support 5V/0.5A output.

Key Spec. & Features
Key Spec.
Part Number CPS5211
Vin Range 4.4~5.5V
Abs. Max Vin 15V
Wireless Rx 5W
Battery Cell 1
Max Charge Current 1A
Topology Buck
Safety Timer
Package QFN-28

Fully integrated with OVP, switching charger and boost

Fully integrated with wireless receiver compatible WPC 1.2.4

Ultra low standby current

5uA Boost Supply Current

Charge current up to 1A

Boost maximum capability: 5V/0.5A

Boost Efficiency optimize for <100mA

Low RDS(on) FET

Minimum Extra Component requirement

Auto Load Detect


Bus Over voltage/current protection

Battery Over voltage protection

NTC Function

Thermal Loop and DPM

Thermal shutdown

Available in QFN28 4mmx4mm

RoHS, Halogen-Free and Lead- Free Compliant