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The CPS9901 is a secondary-side synchronous rectifier (SR) controller for an isolated flyback converter operating in Discontinuous Conduction

Mode (DCM) and Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM).

Key Spec. & Features
Key Spec.
Part Number CPS9901
Break Down Voltage (V) 120V
Turn-on/off Delay 10ns/10ns
Control Mode CCM/DCM/QR
Fsw_Max 200KHz
Support Output 3-25V
Soft turn-off
Adaptive Dead time
Package SOT23-6

Suited for 120V High/Low-Side SR Control & CCM/DCM/QR Mode

Suitable for 3V to 25V Wide Output Voltage Operating Range

Built-in Self-powered LDO is Used for Low VOUT and High-Side SR

Adaptive Turn-off Threshold Control to Optimize Efficiency

Maximum Operation Frequency Up to 200kHz

SR Gate Fast Turn-on (12ns) and Turn-off (12ns)

SR Gate Clamping before Start-up

200uA Operating Current in Green Mode

SOT23-6 Package

RoHS,Halogen-Free and Lead-Free Compliant