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The CPS9001 is an advanced PWM controller designed for high power density universal input offline flyback controllers. CPS9001 incorporates Auxiliary Zero-Voltage Switching (AZVS) control to reduce switching losses on the main switch and increase the system efficiency.

Key Spec. & Features
Key Spec.
Part Number CPS9001
Control Mode ZVS Muti-Mode PWM/PFM
Fsw_max 130KHz
Standby 75mW
VDD_Max 42V
HV_Start up Support
X-Cap Discharge Support
LPS Support
Package QFN-20 4mm*4mm

Smart Auxiliary Switch Control for ZVS on Power Switch

Multi-Mode PWM/PFM/Burst Control

X-Cap Discharge Function

Frequency Jitter to Improve EMI

Boost Converter to Allow VIN Range up to 40V

Negative-Voltage Current Sensing

Programmable Burst Mode Entry Level, Maximum Frequency, Boost Output Voltage,Driver Sourcing Current, ZVS-ON Voltage on Main Switch to Optimize for Different Applications

Multiple Protections: VIN OVP/UVP, VDD OVP/UVP, VS OVP/UVP, Brown-In/Out, SD, OLP, OCP, CS Open Protection

QFN4X4-20L Package

RoHS,Halogen-Free and Lead-Free Compliant