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CPS2021 is a single-cell 7A high efficiency dualphase switched capacitor charger. It integrated fast charging protocol (SCP PHY) and Universal Fast Charging Specification for Mobile Devices (UFCS PHY). It supports up to 12V input voltage, and operates in following 2 modes: Forward 2:1 (up to 7A IOUT),Forward 1:1 (bypass, up to 5A IOUT). The switched capacitor architecture optimized for 50% duty cycle. The input Voltage is 2x of battery voltage and the output current is 2x of VBUS input current, which effectively reduces power loss across the input cable.

Key Spec. & Features
Key Spec.
Part Number CPS2021
Vin Range 3.3~12V
Abs. Max Vin 22V
Vout Range 3~5V
Max Iout 7A
Topology 2:1 Charger
Support Bypass Mode Support
ADC Integrated Support
Other Feature SCP/UFCS PHY
Package WLCSP-36 2.73 x 2.73mm

Input voltage:3.3V-12V

Efficiency: 97.5% for 4V/4A; 97% for 4V/5A

Switching frequency programmable

Multiple operation modes

Protections includes:

Input over-voltage protection (VBUSOVP)

Input over-current protection (IBUSOCP)

Input under-current protection (IBUSUCP)

Output over-current protection (VBATOCP)

Output over-voltage protection (VBATOVP)

Flying capacitor short protection

Junction over temperature protection

Watchdog Timer

I2C Interface support 1MHz

Integrate 2-Regulation Loop

VBAT: Battery charging voltage regulation

IBAT: Battery charging current regulation

Very Accurate 5-Channel 12-bit ADC

DP/DM for fast charging protocol (PHY) or UFCSprotocol (PHY).

Packaging available in WLCSP-36 2.73mm x 2.73mm (0.25mm ball, 0.4mm pitch)