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  • A new generation of universal contactless battery charging platform for portable Consumer Electronic equipment, by Ron Hui and Wing Ho [view]
  • Evaluation of the shielding effects on printed-circuit-board transformers using ferrite plates and copper sheets, by Tang S.C., Ron Hui, Chung H.S.[view]
  • An analysis of a double layer electromagnetic shield for a universal contactless battery charging platform, by Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]
  • Equivalent circuit modeling of a multi layer planar winding array structure for use in an universal contactless battery charging platform, by Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]
  • Simulation Study and Experimental Verification of a Universal Contactless Battery Charging Platform With Localized Charging Features, by Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]
  • Optimal Design of a Hybrid Winding Structure for Planar Contactless Battery Charging Platform, by Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]
  • Mutual Inductance Calculation of Movable Planar Coils on Parallel Surfaces, by YP Su, Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]
  • A Novel Single-Layer Winding Array and Receiver Coil Structure for Contactless Battery Charging Systems with Free-Positioning and Localized Charging Features, by W.X. Zhong, Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]
  • Using Self-Driven AC–DC Synchronous Rectifier as a Direct Replacement for Traditional Power Diode Rectifier, by W.X. Zhong, Ron Hui, W.C. Ho and Xun Liu [view]
  • Generalized Self-Driven AC–DC Synchronous Rectification Techniques for Single- and Multiphase Systems, by W.X. Zhong, W.P. Choi, W.C. Ho, and Ron Hui [view]
  • On the Relationship of Quality Factor and Hollow Winding Structure of Coreless Printed Spiral Winding (CPSW) Inductor, by Y.P. Su, Xun Liu, C.K. Lee and Ron Hui [view]
  • Extended Theory on the Inductance Calculation of Planar Spiral Windings Including the Effect of Double-layer Electromagnetic Shield, by YP Su, Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]