We Design and Develop Intelligent, Innovative Power Management

What We Do

and system technologies
and solutions

SoC, analog and power
management chipsets, modules
and finished products

Using patented IC technology and differentiating with a total system approach, we deliver integrated solutions beyond mainstream Analog and Power management products and services.

Our turnkey total system solution differentiates with high efficiency, flexibility, programmability and cost for broad battery operated applications across smartphones, personal computing (notebooks, desktop, cloud, gaming), consumer, enterprise, industrial and automotive, IoT and wearables.

We deliver to meet fast time-to-market, small solution size and optimized performance-to-cost ratio objectives while minimizing dedication of internal engineering resources.

The Total System Edge
Chip + System

Efficiency. EMI/RF optimization. Safety. User Experience.
Turnkey Solution:
HW+SW system for mass market and automotive.
Embedded Patented IP:
Proven, valued IP.

Track Record:
Shipped in cars since 2013, millions in mass market – consumer, medical, IoT.

Time to Market:
15W Qi auto reference design production-ready.