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System and SoC know-how for the user experience of drop-and-charge anywhere, any point, any direction on the charging surface. Safety. Data. And more. CPS has more than 60 wireless charging patents. Our technologies are proven in products, in the market, in volume, every year, since 2009.

Innovative Coil Antenna Design

Adaptive Control Algorithms
Advanced Communication Protocol
Efficient Circuit Design
EMC and EMI Standards

Our Granted Patents

Granted Patents – A Sample Patent No.
Inductive battery charger system with primary transformer windings formed in a multi-layer structure US 8,299,753
US 8,519,668
Planar Inductive Battery Charger Europe EP 2685594(B1)
Rechargeable Battery Powered Portable Electronic Device US 7,872, 445
Secondary Module for Battery Charging System US 8,269,456
Detection of Foreign Objects in a Wireless Charging System US 9,178,361
US 9,825,486
China ZL 201380050259.0
Universal Demodulation and Modulation for Data Communication in Wireless Power Transfer US 8,290,463
US 8,554,165
System and method for operating a mobile device US 8,823,318
US 9,087,345
US 9,973,239
China 201280036976.3

IEEE Papers

  • A new generation of universal contactless battery charging platform for portable Consumer Electronic equipment, by Ron Hui and Wing Ho [view]
  • Evaluation of the shielding effects on printed-circuit-board transformers using ferrite plates and copper sheets, by Tang S.C., Ron Hui, Chung H.S.[view]
  • An analysis of a double layer electromagnetic shield for a universal contactless battery charging platform, by Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]
  • Equivalent circuit modeling of a multi layer planar winding array structure for use in an universal contactless battery charging platform, by Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]
  • Simulation Study and Experimental Verification of a Universal Contactless Battery Charging Platform With Localized Charging Features, by Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]
  • Optimal Design of a Hybrid Winding Structure for Planar Contactless Battery Charging Platform, by Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]
  • Mutual Inductance Calculation of Movable Planar Coils on Parallel Surfaces, by YP Su, Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]
  • A Novel Single-Layer Winding Array and Receiver Coil Structure for Contactless Battery Charging Systems with Free-Positioning and Localized Charging Features, by W.X. Zhong, Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]
  • Using Self-Driven AC–DC Synchronous Rectifier as a Direct Replacement for Traditional Power Diode Rectifier, by W.X. Zhong, Ron Hui, W.C. Ho and Xun Liu [view]
  • Generalized Self-Driven AC–DC Synchronous Rectification Techniques for Single- and Multiphase Systems, by W.X. Zhong, W.P. Choi, W.C. Ho, and Ron Hui [view]
  • On the Relationship of Quality Factor and Hollow Winding Structure of Coreless Printed Spiral Winding (CPSW) Inductor, by Y.P. Su, Xun Liu, C.K. Lee and Ron Hui [view]
  • Extended Theory on the Inductance Calculation of Planar Spiral Windings Including the Effect of Double-layer Electromagnetic Shield, by YP Su, Xun Liu and Ron Hui [view]