We Design, Develop and Deliver Wireless Charging Solutions.

How We Deliver
Solutions To Partners,

In products and services: wireless charging SoCs, modules, finished products, reference designs and engineering services, manufacturing.

With Deep Experience Across Applications – Automotive, Consumer and Mobile Phones, Furniture, Health and Medical, Surfacing Materials, Wearables.

Featured Product: ConvenientPower Systems 15 Watt Wireless Charger

We Add Value With Technology Innovation

With 12 years experience in wireless charging across multiple domains of automotive, consumer and mobile phones, furniture, health and medical, surfacing materials and wearables, we have deep interoperability know-how. We use 1 architecture that is scalable in performance and cost. We have partnerships with tier 1 and multiple tier brands.


Years wireless power charging experience


Years proven technology through volume products in the market


World first’s over 12 years

CPS Technologies

CPS has over 60 wireless charging patents. Our wireless power technologies are proven through products, in the market, in volume, every year, since 2009.